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The State of Your Chakras Can Determine Your Love Life

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Chakras are the seven colors of the rainbow, and just like gels over flood lamps, when integrated as pure light, add up to white light. Here is a chart that goes over the strengths and weaknesses of each chakra. Based on the characteristics you can tell where you are strong or where you might need some tender-loving care.
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Chakra Color Strong Characteristics Weak Characteristics
Violet Crown Chakra Spiritual awareness, higher consciences, Bodhisattva All of the characteristics of the chakras below enhanced and combined healing ability, compassion Depression, alienation, inability to learn, boredom
Indigo Brow Chakra Psychic ability and worldly understanding, intuitive sensibilities, controls the pituitary and pineal glands, influencing metabolism. Spins to the right. Memory, planning, ability to see the big picture, inward looking rather than expressive, seeks to understand Chaotic thinking or thinking in patterns, clouded judgment, hostility, aloneness, schizoid, withdrawn in fantasy
Light Blue Throat Chakra Communication, conscience, growth, controls thyroid and parathyroid. Openness to new things, expressive, growth in awareness, quick Lack of inspiration, creativity blocks, not being heard, forced silence, stiff neck or shoulders, ear, nose, throat problems
Green (Pink) Heart Chakra Romantic love, affection, caring and compassion, great strength, and the ability to change, governs hands, heart, lungs and circulatory systems. Calm, clear-sightedness, friendliness and tolerance, sense of community, balance, disciplined personal growth Possessive or obsessive, constantly seeking reassurance, a lack of self worth and isolation, emotionless, power seeking
Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra Individuation and self-confidence, personal power linked to our stomach and digestive tract. Flexibility, abundance conscience, strength of will, positive thinking No self-esteem, self pity, allergies, skin irritations, digestive problems
Orange Sex Center Chakra The seat of creativity, and the movement of energy, linked to our sex organs, in men it spins left, in women to the right. Sensuality, able to give and receive pleasure, nonjudgmental, spontaneous enjoyment Possessiveness, envy, promiscuity, and addiction, inadequacy, lack of joy, lust, yeast infections, impotence, frigidity
Red Root Chakra  , The seat of the "Kundalini" power, the root chakra is our stability and growth. It is linked to our adrenal glands, and our "fight" or "flight" response. Active, physical, survival, assertiveness, self-confident, enthusiasm, drive No energy, lack of stamina, feelings of persecution, lack of enthusiasm, exhaustion, fear, anger, rapid mood swings, ADHD, insomnia, nervousness

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