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About Us

White Light Tarot TM
A new approach to an ancient symbol set that incorporates the reiki energy system
* Each image designed to incorporate reiki healing and heat.
* Interpretations take into account esoteric old world symbols.
* Interpretations are inclusive of other cultures.

White Light Tarot TM (c) 2007

In the seventies, there were very few decks available. I've used a number of decks, but I've always found that the interpretations were either too negative or dark. Culturally, the use of this deck tries to take into account other modalities, ancient truth and new evolution. Try a free on-line reading, order an in-depth interpretation with the creator of WHITE LIGHT TAROT, or buy your own Light From Within deck.

White Light Tarot began in 2001 as a graduate student software project at the Marlboro Graduate Center in Brattleboro Vermont. In it's first incarnation the interpretations used a conventional deck. The second phase of the project was to create the cards themselves. The paintings, begun in 2004, were created with an infusion of reiki energy as I became a reiki master during graduate school. Painting allowed for sacred play and the mysterious creations emerged as renderings that captured the intended concept. Rather than using the electronic medium to create the art, as many decks do these days, I decided that the organic approach allowed for more of a ‘spiritual flow’ and hopefully a more organic connection with spirit.

The mission of White Light Tarot, if it’s not too presumptuous to have one, is to bring white light into otherwise darkened areas of our lives and to facilitate natural healing. All we need to do is turn on our inner light to get the guidance we seek, and thereby find our way.
White Light Tarot is a member of the International association of REIKI professionals | IARP
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The light from within