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White Light Tarot TM

Tarot and Reiki for Everyone

The Tarot
The tarot is a wonderful visual book of the dead for European culture. A catch all for the imported applied esoteric beliefs, conventional wisdom, and sciences of the day in Medieval, Victorian and today’s culture.

Reiki is a gentle non-invasive hands-on technique that can clear emotional and physical pain. By identifying where our energy is blocked, we can work on releasing the pain and negitive emotions that cause or exacerbate disease and problem behavior.

Combining Reiki and Tarot
Tarot acts as the intuitive guide, telling us where to look for the root of the problem. Reiki helps us heal and correct any underlying issues found in the physical, emotional, psychic or spiritual system. The idea behind White Light Tarot TM is to offer a way to combine reiki and tarot. We offer free readings online, definitions of the chakras used in reiki and tarot card meanings. Purchase a White Light Tarot TM deck and the all inclusive book on the shop page.

White Light Tarot -The Light From Within Deck

A new deck that incorporates the reiki energy system. Each image was designed to incorporate reiki healing and heat. Each card has a keyword to concentrate on, a chakra color from the seven reiki chakras to tell you where to center your thoughts, and of course an image from the tarot which are like archetypes that reach into the subconscious or collective unconscious mind to intuitively connect to the root cause of the problem. Interpretations take into account esoteric old world symbols.Interpretations are inclusive of other cultures.  [Read More... ]

The Chakras

These energy centers run up and down the spine. Each governs certain aspects of health. To find out more about each one, click to reveal the info about that chakra.

Violet - Crown chakra, spirit: Sahasrara
Indigo blue - Third-eye, brow chakra: Ajna
Light Blue - Throat chakra: Vishuddha
Green (and Pink) - Heart chakra: Anahata
Yellow - Solar plexus, navel chakra: Manipura
Orange - The sex center or sacral chakra: Svadisthana
Red - Root or base chakra: Muladhara

High Arcana

The High Arcana

The High Arcana are the first twenty-two archetypal cards [0-21], cosmic laws of karma and the dogma we use to justify our behavior. They concepts color the overarching forces in effect taking place at the time of the reading. The higher arcana are the ‘fate cards’, if you will, or what might be considered outside your immediate influence. They offer clear examples of our best selves and worst selves. Concepts like the seven deadly sins can be found here that of pride, avarice, extravagance, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth, but the seven holy virtues of courage, generosity, mindfulness, diligence, patience, kindness and selflessness are also found in the twenty-two archetypes of the high arcana.
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The Disks
The tarot's suit of disks is also known as the suit of pentacles, and corresponds to the suit of spades in a conventional 52 card deck. The disks are about the physical, the material or concrete world. While the other suits deal with the intellectual (swords), creative (wands), and emotional (cups) state of mind, the disks deal with the physical issues of being. The disks bring what we have imagined from intellectual curiosity through the creative passions into the emotional self and finally into concrete form. It is the end of the circle, if a circle can have an end. The disks are where we find the completed cycle of manifestation taking place. The element of earth is associated with grounding and disks. Bringing forth, growing, and yielding a harvest mount with this suit. Material goods, wealth, grounding and bringing forth "from the ground up" are what the disks look at. They are associated with the merchant class from medieval times, just as the swords are associated with land owners (lords, or royals), i.e. those with wealth enough to dedicate themselves to intellectual pursuits, while wands were the "heathen" class (taken from the derivation of the word for heath dwellers) or peasant class and the cups are associated with those who dedicated their lives to the god(s), and helping the needy, as found in the clergy.
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The Swords

The Swords
The Swords The swords represent ideals, intellect, logic, breath and wind; theirs is the element of air. Thought is the essence of the realm of the sword because of its shining speed, lightening fast strike, and cutting clarity. It is appropriate that the lesser arcana start with this suit because this is not so much a suit of physical action, as one of decisive thought. If thought is action in meditation, right before manifestation, then the swords are an artistic representation of a state of mind right before the action occurs. As the synapse fires so strikes the sword, the mists part, and clarity of purpose and knowledge is found. Air circulates and motivates us to move with it. When the swords strike us we become swept-up in the moment. In anticipation of an action, we hold our breath, and when we finally breathe that sigh of relief the demands are over, we have landed where we are supposed to be.
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The Wands
Historically in the tarot, the Wands have represented the peasant or heathen class, meaning people who live in the heath, and work the land. The wand or staff is a tool that is usually made of wood and is used to harness momentum. Wands channel muscle as a plow, speed as a walking stick, or psychic force acting a focal point for wielding life energy. The wand is a conduit between energy transmutations. Trees grow up from the land their energy bringing together earth (roots), air (branches) and water (blood), yet the tree is combustible by nature. Wands harnessed become the keeper of flame which translates into emotional passion, intellectual examination, and spiritual awe.
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The Cups
The Cups The two essential aspects of the suit of cups are that of a vessel of plenty, like the Norse drinking horn that never empties, and that of the draught of immortality, like in the story of the Holy Grail. Knot work is found in Celtic illumination art, and in the work of Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Dürer; it remains an artistic vision for expressing emotional enlightenment.
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