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Tarot Meanings

White Light Tarot TM combines chakras, keywords and tarot for each card.
White Light Tarot - The Light From Within Deck -all chakras The tarot is a wonderful visual book of the dead for European culture. A catch all for the imported applied esoteric beliefs, conventional wisdom, and sciences of the day in Medieval, Victorian and today’s culture.

The High Arcana - twenty-two archetypal cards, cosmic laws of karma and the dogma we use to justify our behavior.

The Swords - Ideals and communication, intellectual pursuits.
The Wands - Passions, the source of directed energy and growth.
The Cups - Matters of the heart, love, kindness, abundance.
The Disks - A.K.A. Pentacles; the concrete, the physical plane, money, grounding, earthly realm.

Reversals -Reversals are upside down to the reader or interpreter. If you’re interpreting your own cards and the card is upside down to you, read it as a reversal. If your cards are being interpreted for you, then the reversals are upside down to the reader, not to you. A reversal is the tarot’s way of telling us to pay closer attention to this area because it may be an area that is blocked or over extended. Reversals indicate the subtler, finer points of an aspect not coming all the way through. Usually it means there are blocks to receiving or using this energy fully. Reversals shouldn’t be interpreted as negative strictly speaking, rather they should be understood as indicators of an energy not fully developed, and therefore less influential, or energies that are blocked that may need to be released.